MANCHESTER U.K 1984 to 1985
Vidal Sassoon Academy … Manchester
Attending various courses and Seminars as part of my Haircutting and Styling education and inspiration.This education gave me solid foundation haircutting skills which I am very fortunate to have and develop further over the years.It was my great honour to finally meet Mr Sassoon in person many years later in Asia.

Toni and  Guy …(Sloane Square W1) 1985 to 1991
Position…. Salon Assistant Manager
Salon Senior Stylist  and Instructor at the Toni
and  Guy Academy in London
Based in the salon with a busy clientele ,and the management
of the Sloane Sq Salon W1. Involvement with the Toni and Guy hairdressing  academy in
London’s St Christopher's Place as an instructor for the advanced haircutting courses.
Conducting seminars, demonstrations and courses as part of the syllabus and curriculum of
the academy. Involvement in the annual Toni and Guy Hair shows, and Education Seminars at
the London Hairdressing exhibition fares.

Mingus Salon Manhatten …1991 to 1992
Position….Salon Senior stylist
Salon Education Director.Based in the salon with a busy
clientele ,and providing hairdressing education for the salon staff.Various“freelance.
photo shooting” for magazines Such as Italian Vogue and photo shooting for various
models and model agencies in Manhatten such as Ford Models.

Seawave Hair Salon….1992 to 1995
Position…Artistic Director/Instructor
Hong Kong salon chain with 17 salons throughout Hong Kong.Responsible for creating and
implementing a comprehensive education system and syllabus for the salon’s 90 stylists.
“In-salon seminars” in each of the company’s 17 salons. Structured haircutting
and styling courses for the continuous educational development of the company
hairstylists. Salon “soirees” to inspire, brainstorm and develop the company
hairstylists creativity. Salon hairstyling and Salon service quality control visits for
each salon, to maintain and improve quality of services and hairdressing for the salon’s

Headquarters Salon….1995 to 2005
Position….Salon Creative Director, Salon Education Director, Salon Promotions. Freelance
Session Hairstylist for photo,shooting and T.V
Based in the salon with a clientele,
responsible for creating  and implementing the salon education syllabus and program for
the junior Stylists .Assisted with creating various salon promotions,both in-salon and
external promotions. Created an “external” education program and conducted in-Salon
seminars for visiting Taiwan hairstylists .Conducted many education seminars/courses and
hair shows for in-salon hairstyling education for various salons in Hong Kong, Taiwan,
Thailand and mainland China, both independently and with various hair product companies such as Wella
Schwartzkopf and LOreal. Worked with various Asian Artiste’s in Hong Kong T.V (TVB) and for Artiste’s from
various record companies such as Sally Yeh, George Lam, Coco Lee, Faye Wong, Amanda Lee
for magazine shoots, M.T.V filming ,concert performances, C.D Cover shoots and local T,V
shows and appearances.This work frequently took me to many countries throughout Asia,and to
Canada,Australia and the U.S.A.

Salon Vajra…2005 to 2009
Position…Founder and Creative Director
Based in the salon with a clientele.
Responsible for creating and implementing an “In-salon education program”for all the Salon Staff.
Responsible for various salon promotion projects and directing the Salon’s promotion
team. Responsible for maintaining the quality of the salon services and salon Image for
the salon clients and V.I.P clients. Responsible for recruitment of salon stylists and
their testing and vadering education.  Conducted hairstyling education seminars for local
Chinese hair salons, co-operating with Schwartzkopf  as their “China Ambassador” for
the “Essential Looks” hairstyling education seminars within China.

Hairdressing Education…2010 to 2012
Position… Freelance Hairstylist and Educator
Providing  comprehensive hairdressing
education for various salons and hairstylists throughout Beijing.This included strong
clear, practical and theoretical  haircutting and hairstyling  technical  skills, client
consultation and communication skills, colour and Balayage theory and technical
skills and hairstylist “coaching” for self promotion and self development. Hair salon
education such as salon management, salonservice education, building an image and
brand and  salon promotions.I educate with my complete and very comprehensive
hairdressing education course called the “Flow Philosophy” a unique blend of strong
technical hairdcutting theory and skill development,combined with personal self-development education and
multi-cultural influences.
“The Flow”
A 3D approach to haircutting that I call the “Tai Chi of haircutting”. Starting at a chosen point and working around the head shape in a "flowing" movement of weight distrabution,while "feeling" the developing shape as it emerges and allowing the shape to "develop" based on.... a concentration/awareness, the technique/technical skill itself and all the aspects of the individual client (head shape,hair texture etc...).... "The Flow"
"Natural Creativity", is allowing the mind to “relax” solid concepts, and "conceptual thought",to allow the movement of the nature of the mind to freely express,with colour, light, shape, various moods and feelings that are ever evolving into "ideas" and "expression" in the art of hairdressing and in all of life .

Hair Doctors…2012 to 2014
Position…… Creative Director
Providing a Professional and very personal level of high
quality hairdressing services,in an informal “Lounge-Studio”setting. A full and
complete range of hairstyling services working “One on One”with the client creating the
finished shape and Hairstyle, using  “flow haircutting” and working with the needs and
personal characteristics of the client. “Enhancing” the natural hair colour and
hairstyle created with blended and dynamic colour techniques including the “flowing
colour Balayage”

Jean Louis David International Salon... 2014 to 2016
Position... Technical Hair Colourist/Balayage Artist
For the international Hairdressing brand Jean Louis David
flagship salon in Hong Kong. Based in the salon as the Creative colourist/stylist Director. Maintaining a strong consistent connection and co-operation with the main team at the J.L.D Paris academy.Responsible to develop and open the Jean Louis David Hairdressing Academy in Asia for Jean Louis David staff training and external hairstylist education courses.

Indulgence Salon.... 2017 to 2020
Based in this dynamic salon space in the heart of Central District.Providing a very personal and high quality of hairdressing services in a private V.I.P room setting. In-Depth Consultations, The Hair Doctor Signature Paris Blond and Asian Balayage and London Precision Haircutting. Working with the clients in a close communication following The Hair Doctor "7 Step Client Service" and fully supported by this very professional salon.

Central District....2020
Position... The Hair Doctor Team
Based in Central District.Providing our unique hair services
My signature Hair Doctor 7-Step Client Service of in-depth client consultation and unique Colour Contrasting/Balayage and Precision Haircutting techniques.

Position... Freelance Hair Artist Toni & Guy Salon, Central District. 2021 until now
The Hair Doctor Team are now based at the fabulous new Toni & Guy Salon in Central. A lovely chic salon for us to provide our very personalized Hairdressing Services.

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