Hair Doctors has over 30 years extensive international experience in hairstylist education.We have a unique and comprehensive hairstyling "coaching" education program,which is both developmental and personal.Suitable for all levels of hairstylists,from elementary/junior to advanced/experienced stylist, our course develops very strong technical foundation and creative skills for the hairstylist.Practical and clear "salon concepts" are taught and then expanded with method and technique to allow the hairstylist to develop "natural creativity" and flexibility within the salon concepts,and finally to achieve a balance of technical strength and natural creative expression that we call "The Flow".Our courses are practical for salon use,technical and

theoretical,creatively developmental and personalized to coach and develop the individual personality and skill of each hairstylist.

we offer the following courses....   

* 3 day "Inspiration"

* 5 day "Technical skill"

* 10 day "Natural Creativity"